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środa, 01 marzec 2017

I am from the United States and have been doing research on our family tree.  My wife's family name is Myszewski. Some distant relatives here also spell it Miszewski.  I believe I have found where they came from in Poland: Bobowo. With help, I have found an index of the brothers and sisters of my wife's great grandfather, but I have not found a record of her great grandfather.  Another relative here had a document which I have attached to this email as a picture.  I know it is in German, but I was wondering if someone could help translate it. The written word that is giving us trouble is after his date of birth, 9 Juli 1845. It looks like Staban? Is this the name of a town?  Or something else?

Would you know if there are any Miszewskis / Myszewskis still living in the area?  I am going to look through your http://kociewiacy.pl website to learn more about Kociewie.

My own family has ancestors from nearby.  They were Kashubian from Lipusz.

John Storch
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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